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Our history

A.L.P. was born on the 6th of October 1994 after Mr. Berchialla Pier Carlo’s thirty years’ experience in the building sector and public works. His idea was to work the Langa® Stone, used for centuries in local architecture, as the better-known Luserna Stone and Porphyry with natural split finish and to make it suitable for a high number of different uses. Over time we provided ourselves with all the equipment for doing any kind of stone works… Our first instrument was just a used stone splitter. Today we have a plant, completed of three splitters and equipped with conveyor belts. Our modern laboratory has three automatic cutting machines, a CNC machine to make sinks, incisions etc. and first of all we collaborate with professionals that know the product and know how to use it the best way.


The Langa® Stone evolution ... from Cava Alice to laying

We attend to the whole stone working cycle of the stone Pietra di Langa.
First of all we extract to obtain the rough material from our exclusive quarry: Cava Alice, placed in Cortemilia
Then we select , clean, rough-cut to split and cut.
The last phase is installation and is committed to accomplished layers.

A.L.P. has always been a familiar business. Mr Berchialla Pier Carlo, his daughter Roberta and his son-in-law Roberto Castellengo, all personally and directly care for all the working phases: extraction from our, production line, administration, sell and, most of all, carefully attend to the final customer, whether private, a contractor or a professional.

A.L.P. is based in Cortemilia next to the famous red wines Barbaresco and Barolo producing areas. Many farm wineries have chosen and used our stone. You can have a look at our works in realizations.

A.L.P. stones

A.L.P. products are natural stones, mainly sandstones (particularly LANGA® STONE, BRAUN STONE, GAIA STONE, ALPINA® STONE) but also others used as a complement (Porphyry, Carrara marble, Luserna Stone, pebbles, etc.). in their many uses. A.L.P. selects, combines and designs natural stones providing customers with aesthetically pleasing products and carefully chooses the most suitable technical characteristics for every single use. All the stones and their uses are certificated in conformity to CE legal standards.


A.L.P. offer variety

A.L.P. production ranges from stone masonry for outdoor use, as wall cladding, paving (random cropped walling stones, setts, slabs, small blocks, tiles, crazy paving, Stìa Langa Stone for minimum cladding thickness etc.), stairs, entrances, street furniture, fountains and planters, to indoor flooring, fireplaces, worktops, vanity tops the latest new one-piece shaped sinks and shower trays.
In Cortemilia, Alta Langa, where stone architecture is an ancient tradition, we offer a detailed exposition of our solutions and different uses of natural stones, walling and flooring.

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